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NewYork style wedding saw Allie + Nat bring their friends and family down to Houston from NY City for a beautiful Fall, November Wedding. We started off in fashion at The Houstonian Hotel for preparation shots of the bridal party and families. A massive tour bus was on-hand to take the out-of-towners to the wedding at the Memorial Church of Christ and later to the reception at the Lakeside Country Club. Allie + Nat’s reception was out of control and so much fun to photograph. Toward the end of the wedding reception, guests lifted Allie and Nat up in the air in chairs in an impromptu Hora Dance. What a remarkable wedding event. We were very excited and honored to be a part of their wedding and document their extraordinary wedding day for generations of future Nats to come!

This classic dip was taken at the Lakeside Country Club at our wedding with Alexandra & Morgan’s wedding last Month. Our newer camera systems have become steadily more and more light sensitive. Photographs like this one were not possible a few years ago. There would have been no detail in the background, lights in the trees or reflections in the water. The background would have appeared much darker and not nearly as dynamic!

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