June 26, 2016

After years of searching for that perfect person, Erika and Oscar finally became one on the steps of the historical Lasker Inn, Galveston TX.  It was such a great honor to be a part of their special day! You can really see the love that these two have for each other- I swear that Oscar has the sweetest face when he looks at Erika, it melts your heart! Congratulations, you two!

Lasker-Inn-26Lasker-Inn-02 Lasker-Inn-03 Lasker-Inn-04 Lasker-Inn-05 Lasker-Inn-06 Lasker-Inn-07 Lasker-Inn-08 Lasker-Inn-09 Lasker-Inn-010 Lasker-Inn-11 Lasker-Inn-12 Lasker-Inn-13 Lasker-Inn-14 Lasker-Inn-15 Lasker-Inn-16 Lasker-Inn-17 Lasker-Inn-18 Lasker-Inn-19 Lasker-Inn-20 Lasker-Inn-21 Lasker-Inn-22 Lasker-Inn-23 Lasker-Inn-24 Lasker-Inn-25Lasker-Inn-01

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